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AVIRTAL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private Limited Company registration held business entity registered under The Companies Act, 2013. It’s registered for pre-defined objects or activity Post and telecommunications as per Activity Code mentioned under Company CIN Number U64204TG2020PTC146055. It is set up directly by registering the company with RoC, Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Its registered office address is H No 16-2-308 5th lane Palton Malakpet Hyderabad Telangana 500036 IN. Private Limited Company registration is registered in 2020-11-19, India and Registrar of Company is RoC - Hyderabad. it is Non-govt company.

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We offer our services in Telecom Industry. The services are as follows

EMF ( Electro Magnetic Field ) Survey/Broadband : Electromagnetic field, a property of space caused by the motion of an electric charge. A stationary charge will produce only an electric field in the surrounding space. If the charge is moving, a magnetic field is also produced. An electric field can be produced also by a changing magnetic field. Evaluation of EMF for telecommunication installations can be done by following techniques: 1) Calculation Method, 2)Field Measurement Approach (i) Broadband Measurement, (ii) Frequency Selective Measurement, 3) Electromagnetic mapping by software simulation method.

Site Acquisition: Site Acquisition Specialists work in the telecommunications industry and complete job duties such as zoning telecommunication sites, negotiating lease contracts, serving as a point of contact for the community, reading construction drawings, reporting to management on site acquisition.
Site Deployment( Installation and de-installation): Site deployment process is complex, involving multiple parties such as tower builders and radio manufacturers team.

Site Operation and Maintenance: The difference between operations and maintenance is operations is the activities you perform to reach business objectives, whereas maintenance is everything you do to keep equipment in running order.
Optical Fiber Cable Laying and Maintenance: The transmission of communications signals optical fibers are laid down for which trenches are dug and the cable installed. These cables, termed feeders, are laid in feeder ducts within trenches in the roads. The trenching has to be undertaken following stringent regulations provided by the civil authorities. We have the technical expertise to lay down optic fiber cables and manage the entire process in compliance with all regulations.
In building Solutions: In-building solutions (IBS) is a telecommunications solution which is used to extend and distribute the cellular signal of mobile operators within a building with high quality mobile communication for the indoor environments such as offices, shopping malls, hospitals and airports. Our in-building Solution offers the users with the best indoor coverage and quality. We optimize the indoor network in the best possible way to avoid call drops and eliminating mobile ping- pong.
Infra Service Offerings: The active infrastructure sharing include elements of the telecom infrastructure's radiating layer that includes antennas, base stations or parts of the core network.Telecommunications infrastructure services provide setup, maintenance, and consulting for data and voice communications technologies.
FTTH Service Offerings: Fiber to the home (FTTH) is the delivery of a communications signal over optical fiber from the operator's switching equipment all the way to a home or business, thereby replacing existing copper infrastructure such as telephone wires and coaxial cable.Fibre networks offer the bandwidth for an immense range and number of services and applications; to an extent that was unimaginable.
Broadband Service Offering: The term broadband commonly refers to high-speed Internet access that is always on and faster than the traditional dial-up access. Broadband includes several high-speed transmission technologies such as: Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Cable Modem. Broadband is the name given to any fast, permanent internet connection. ... When the internet revolution began, users accessed the net via dial-up and a 'modem' - a piece of hardware that converts signals from your computer so they can travel down a telephone line, and vice-versa.
ISP service Offerings: Internet service provider (ISP), company that provides Internet connections and services to individuals and organizations.


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H No 16-2-308,
5th lane Palton,
Malakpet, Hyderabad,
Telangana, India-500036.
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Director : Rajesh Kumar